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Currently living in Greenville, North Carolina, Shawn Durington grew up in Portsmouth, Virginia, where he enjoyed doodling and scribbling in class instead of paying attention.

During his sophomore year of high school, he had to make a tough decision, art school or clown college? Eventually, he made the decision to pursue both, and decided on studying teaching and art. I mean, the best teachers of all are clowns, right?

Shawn and Melvin

Shawn received his undergraduate degrees in fine arts- education and studio art, from East Carolina University. He primarily studied printmaking and textiles.

After teaching for four years, he decided to further his education. He received a Master’s of Fine Arts in Animation and Visual Effects in the area of Visual Development, from the Academy of Arts University.

Not only is Shawn currently authoring and illustrating his first children’s book series, he is also a freelance character artist, mostly of comic book and Disney characters.

You can find his work in print or on a tee shirt online. You can also find him and his new pal Melvin at many conventions across the country.