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The Adventures of Melvin and Me is a story about imagination and best friends. Melvin is Jacob’s favorite toy but also his best friend.

How It All Got Started

The Adventures of Melvin and Me started coming to life about 2 years ago while I was teaching sewing at summer camp.  See, I love making monsters!  It is one of the most fun things I get to do and children love creating their own, as well.  For one of my class examples, I came up with this little fellow that was blue with a big pink nose and big yellow horns.  My campers absolutely loved him and so did my wife.

She named him Melvin one night and we started joking about all the trouble he could get in if he was real.  He could be eating cereal while watching cartoons, going skating, and oh, the mischief he could cause if he went shopping!  This was the beginning of the adventure for me; I had no clue where it was going to lead.  Later that fall I started exhibiting artwork at comic conventions.  I met a lot of great people and we began to have an idea about turning this idea into a children’s book.

First sketch Melvin and Jacob

I decided I would transform Melvin into an illustration and I began taking him to shows.  People kept coming up and asking who he was. I explained that his name was Melvin and that is his little boy Jacob.  (Wanna take a wild guess who Jacob is created after?  Surprise! It’s me!  I know who would have guessed?)  Not to long after I created the illustration, I was surprised at a show by another exhibitor who created me my very own stuffed Melvin.

My wife and I loved him so much I started actually going around and having adventures with him.  We went to museums, petting zoos, conventions; we even started meeting celebrities!  But most importantly, we met our favorite people: fans!



The First Book

This is the first book in the series about Melvin and his little boy Jacob. To everyone else in the world Melvin is Jacob’s stuffed monster made by his aunt Candice. But for Jacob, Melvin is his best friend! Melvin and Jacob are constantly going on adventures together. They play hide and seek, go to the grocery store, save the world from alien invaders – you name it and they have probably done it! This first book will focus on the biggest adventure Jacob will ever have: HIS FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!!!!

Mock-up cover

Melvin and Jacob will spend the weekend getting prepared for the big journey. They will need to gather supplies, practice their skills, and (especially) have fun and cause mischief! I hope you will want to join in on all the fun of this book that will help relieve all of the stress for kids going to school for the first time.

I have the story written for our first book.  Jacob’s First Day of School has been written and most of the artwork is ready.
This book has not been published yet. Please check back soon for updates!